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Cave Dive Florida is operated by Jim Wyatt, offering personalized Cavern thru full Cave Diver certification classes in High Springs, Florida.

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If you have decided to take the plunge and get cave training give me a call. We have the most beautiful underwater caves in the U.S.A. are here in North Florida. Cave diving is an exhilirating activity and most people who complete their cave training report it is the best and most thorough recreational diver training they have ever undertaken. If you are ready for some fun and serious diving, we will help greatly increase your diving skills all the way around. Buoyancy control, breathing control, swim positioning, gear configuration refinements, awareness, decompression theory and much much more is in store for you!! Florida Cave Diving is the best!

Cave Classes Listed Below. Follow the links for course descriptions.
See The Overall Prerequisites Regarding Tec Training For These Cave Classes.

Certifications are issued through the NSS-CDS, IANTD, NACD or TDI.
PADI certifications for full cave are available.

Videos of Cave Diving

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Cavern Diver Course.
(3 days). This course leads to certification as a cavern diver. Your standard/basic open water gear is all you need. Price includes eLearning. $550. 

Apprentice Cave Course
(4-5 days)This NSS-CDS course is the entry
level course for cave diving.

Price includes eLearning

Cave Diver Course
(4-5 days)This course leads to certification
as a full cave diver. Student must have an apprentice cave diver certification,
or equivalent.


Price includes eLearning

Advanced Cave Diver Course
(6-7 Days) The advanced cave diver course combines Full cave, stage cave
and First Responder all into one course.

Price includes eLearning

Cave CCR Course
(9 days) The NSS-CDS CCR Cave Diver course is the closed-circuit equivalent
of the Apprentice and Full Cave Diver courses combined.

Price includes eLearning

Cave CCR Upgrade Course
(3-4 days) The NSS-CDS CCR Cave Diver upgrade course is for
certified cave divers to upgrade their certification to CCR cave.

Call To Discuss logistics

Cave DPV Course
(3-4 days)This Program is designed to provide advanced training
in cave diving skills to the experienced, certified, responsible cave diver
who wishes to conduct dives that warrant DPV use and techniques.

Call to discuss logistics and fees.

Introduction to Technical Diving
Four dives over 2 Days.
In order to complete Cave diving courses students
must demonstrate mastery in buoyancy control, trim,
propulsion techniques, gear configuration and much more.
This class will help you accomplish that goal.

Call to discuss logistics and gear requirements.

Apprentice Cave and Advanced Nitrox Diver Course
(6-7 days)This is one of our most commonly requested courses.
There are 12 dives required at a minimum in order to complete
this set of courses.

Price includes two eLearning modules

Chest Mounted Optima CCR Course (5 days)
This course is designed to teach divers how to dive with the
Dive-Rite Chest Mounted Optima


Stage Cave Diver Course
(2-3 days)This course is designed to teach divers how to safely extend
penetration distance into cave systems using single or multiple stage bottles.


CCR Normoxic Trimix Cave Diver Course
(7 days)This course is designed to teach divers how to
safely extend depth up to a maximum of 230 feet
using helium mixtures.


Advanced Open Water and Cavern Combo Class.
(4-5 days)

Includes 2 e-Learning Modules

Instructor Development Courses
programs from Open Water Diver Instructor through
Technical Cave, and Trimix Diver Instructor.
IANTD, PADI/DSAT Instructor Programs.

We can certify you at all Instructor levels
for the PADI/DSAT Open Circuit
Technical Diver Programs.


Call For Details

PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer ratings available in cave country.

PADI Instructors wishing to gain additional specialty instructor ratings should contact me. I can train you to become a specialty instructor in a lot of different ratings.

DSAT/PADI Tec-Rec Courses (4 days)
Tec-40 and Tec-45.
See This Link for more detailed course descriptions
Call Jim for DSAT instructor training courses
These clases may be conducted in a cave environment for students who are certified as Full Cave Divers who have at least 60 cave dives logged.

See This Link for details

PADI Tec Cave Diving

Course fees include textbooks, eLearning for cavern, apprentice and full cave. Course fees DO NOT include park entry fees, gas fills, rental equipment, or trimix gas.    These prices are subject to change without notice. Course fees are due on day one of class and are payable in cash

Tec Trimix Instructor Training Course

Tec Diver Instructor Training Course

All divers participating in our training programs must have diver protection insurance. This is available through DAN or Dive Assure. Please contact Jim if you have questions about this coverage which is less than $100/year.Please bring proof of coverage with you as well as all of your relevant diver certification cards. Also if you answer YES to any questions on the medical questionnaire bring clearance to dive from your physician.

If you have registered for a class make sure you read THIS LINK


High Springs, Florida
The Heart of Cave Country

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Other Training Considerations

Preventing Cave Damage


This video shows you how much control you must have of yourself and your gear to become a cave diver.

Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013

Updated 28 March 2024

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