Stage Cave Class

NSS-CDS Stage Cave Diver Course

Why do you want a stage cave diver class?

Eventually you will be limited in your penetration of the cave by the volume of the gas you carry in your tanks. The addition of a stage bottle, generally an AL 80 will extend your penetration distance by several hundred feet, maybe as much as 600 feet. This is why you need to take a Stage Cave diver course.

What You Will Do and Learn

  • Proper rigging of a stage bottle. If not rigged properly it will only slow you down and make you work harder.
  • Gas Management.
  • Decompression Management.
  • More complex navigation.
  • You will see sections of the caves we train in that you have not seen before.
  • Gear Requirements.

  • All the "normal" cave gear you carry.
  • Decompression Bottle because we will be doing longer dives which will require longer decompression.
  • Stage bottle (Al 80 or 72 typically) with regulator properly rigged.
  • The class requires a minimum of three dives which can be done over two days.

    Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013