DSAT/PADI Tec Instructor Training Course

I only conduct this training for certified cave divers.

Graduates of this Course May Teach The Tec 40 Diver Class


Instructor Candidate Requirements:

    PADI OWSI or Higher.
    PADI Nitrox Instructor.
    PADI Deep Diver Specialty Instructor
    Have a minimum of 100 logged dives, where at least 20 were made with nitrox, 25 dives deeper than 60 feet and at least 15 dives deeper than 100 feet.

After completion of the Tec ITC and BEFORE applying to PADI the candidate must meet the following criteria:

    Be a PADI MSDT or Higher Rating.
    Be a Nitrox AND Deep Diver Specialty Instructor.
    Be certified as a PADI DSAT Tec 45 Diver or above, or have a qualifying certification from another recognized agency. The Tec 45 Diver Rating May be included in the ITC. Extra Days are Required.
    Have a Minimum of 25 Staged Decompression Dives.
    Completed the Tec Instructor Standards Exam and the Practical Application Exam.

Equipment Requirements

    Complete open circuit cave gear. Back or sidemounted doubles.
    One Decompression bottle and regulator.
    Shearwater or equivalent mixed gas computer and backup. (This is MY requirement, not PADI)

Course Materials

    PADI Tec Deep Diver Manual and Instructor Guide.
    There are other materials needed. See Instructor Guide.

Other Considerations:

    Candidates Must Have Written Approval From Their Physician To Participate.
    Candidates Must Complete All requirements for Tec 40 and Tec 45 Diver Prior To The Beginning Of The ITC.

                    My fee for this course is $1200.00. Add $450.00 if candidate needs the Tec 45 Diver Rating. Candidates are responsible for their own transportation, lodging and meals. I have lodging available at this link.

                    Candidates are responsible for obtaining all of their own instructor manuals etc.


                    Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013