The Basics

Who needs this class?

The basics class is for divers who have yet to master buoyancy control, propulsion techniques and/or gear configuration in their back or sidemounted doubles. This is essentially a "Get You Ready for Tech" class. Prior to enrolling in the apprentice cave class students must demonstrate mastery of buoyancy, trim, propulsion techniques and have a properly configured set of cave diving gear. This course helps you make that happen. This course will assist you in becoming proficient with either backmounted or sidemounted doubles, which are required for the NSS-CDS apprentice cave course.

What you will learn

We will get you into the open water anywhere from 15 feet to 80 feet deep and run you through many exercises such as practicing hovering with the correct trim, running reels while in the proper trim, we will task load you and help you be able to handle several things at once, we will work on your buddy awareness and your general overall situational awareness, and much more.

  • Cylinder and wing/air cell adjustments.
  • Harness adjustments.
  • Hose routing.
  • Stowing lights, reels and other accessories.
  • Pricing
  • $300/day for one student.
  • $500/day for two students.
  • $400/day for three students.
  • PADI Tec Basics card may be issued.
  • Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013
    Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013