Cave Diving

The table below lists many of the elements of a cave dive that we must consider, the list is NOT exhaustive or totally complete.

Cylinder Pressures Cylinder Contents Light Checks
Safety Drills in water Long Hose Deployment Valves Fully Open
Hand Signals Review Dive Plan/Objectives Review Appropriate Propulsion Techniques
Proper Use Of Reels Avoiding Cave Damage Etiquette Regarding Other Teams
Light Failures Loss Of Buddy Loss Of Line
Correctly Marking Lines Gas Management Complex Navigation
Landowner Relations Restrictions, Line Traps Main versus Offhoot Lines
Thermal Protection Proper Hydration Decompression Physiololgy
Golden Rule Of Cave Diving Accident Analysis Team Sequencing/Dimmer Lights
Gas Matching Dissimilar Volume Tanks Sharing Primary Reels Maintaining Team Cohesion
Back Referencing Three Command Signals Who Has Right Of Way?
Communicating With Lights My Fifteen Second Rule Line Entanglement
Following A Guideline Primary And Secondary Tie-Offs OOA Receiver/Donor
Set Maximums - Not Goals Consider Least Experienced Buddy Pace Yourself

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