Deep Cave Diver

CCR Normoxic Trimix Cave Diver

The CCR Normoxic trimix cave diver course is intended to train cave divers how to safely extend their depth range to depths up to 230 feet using helium mixtures. We will learn how to properly use helium mixtures as a breathing gas as well as nitrox and oxygen as decompression gasses.
Students must be at least 21 years old
Students must have a minimum of 50 logged cave dives post full cave certification
Call me for more details, and prerequisites.
Maximum of two students
In addition to all equipment required as a CCR Cave Diver, the following gear is required:
A. Properly rigged and labeled decompression cylinder(s) of a minimum rated volume of 11 L/80 ft3.
B. Properly rigged and cleaned oxygen cylinder(s) of a minimum rated volume of 5.5 L/40 ft3.
C. Two Trimix computers. Shearwater preferred
D. Spare mask.

Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013


Updated 24 December 2023