Make sure you have a medical form with all NO answers -OR-clearance for scuba diving from your physician.
Use this form for Medical Clearance
Use this form for your physician to provide him/her guidance on your evaluation.
    Complete all the Forms at this link
    Make sure you have completed all the e-learning/reading before day one of class.
    Make sure you have discussed with Jim your gear configuration.
    Make sure if you need to rent tanks, deco bottles and/or lights you have discussed this with Jim
    Make sure you and Jim both know and agree to the decompression model/procedures/computer you plan to use. Some computers are essentially useless in these classes.
    Make sure you have discussed with Jim what exposure protection you will be using during your dives.
    Make sure you get the appropriate books/E-Learning from Jim or elsewhere ahead of time. Please read them cover to cover before we start class.
    Make sure you have planned your trip well enough so that you are rested before we start the class and that you have scheduled enough time after diving to fly, if you are getting here via airplane.
    If you are bringing your own tanks please have them filled with EAN32, not air.
    You must have 2 sets of tanks during the course.
    You will need your own vehicle to get back and forth between dives sites, dive shops for gas fills and your motel. My insurance does not cover you riding in my truck.
    Please be prepared to pay the full tuition in cash on day one of class.
Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013
E-mail Jim@cavediveflorida.com
Updated April 2023