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Gear For Cave Diving

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Fins, not split fins, not full pocket fins. These fins simply are not adequate for diving in higher flow with all the gear you have on.
I use these fins
and love them.

Wet or dry suit, with hood, mask. Wet suits mimimum 5 mil. Water Temp is 68-72 degrees F. If you do not have about a dozen dives in your dry suit do not use it in your cave class, it will be a liability.

Double tanks, side or backmount. Steel preferred, minimum LP 85's.

Proper backplate/wing/harness if diving backmount. Adequate lift is key. 55 pound lift is most appropriate, most of the time.

Proper sidemount harness/air cell if diving sidemount. 55 pound lift is most appropriate, most of the time. I use the Dive Rite Nomad Ray, shown below.

Nomad Ray

Primary light with minimum 2.5 hour burntime, two high quality backup lights configured properly with clips. The image is of the Dive Rite LX20+ which is what I use and has served me very well for over two years.

light clip

The clip shown above should be on any gear you stow. Lights, backup lights, wet notes, long hose regulator.

I use these backup lights
and can get them for you.

Two line cutting devices. Z-knives preferred--NO strap on tarzan knives.

Line arrows and non-directional markers/cookies Properly marked and stowed.

Dive computer. Shearwater in Tec-Mode preferred.

Two high performance regulators, DIN, one with seven foot hose with a clip. Backup with a necklace. No yoke regulators. Yoke regulators cannot safely withstand pressures above 3000 psi.

One primary reel per team, 2 safety reels per diver and a variety of jump/gap reels/spools. properly marked. I keep these in stock They are my go to reels.


For full cave or any specialty AL 40 for Oxygen with Oxygen clean regulator.

No gloves, no helmets. These are not needed.

Everything you carry must have a clip or bolt snap so it can be properly secured.

Call me for a more definitive/comprehensive list.

Ginnie Springs

Call or text Jim at 352-363-0013

Reel xmitter


These gear prices are subject to change as Dive-Rite prices change.

Two Regulators Link for Cave Regulators $1,189
Air Cell/Wing for Doubles/dual bladders Link for Wing for Double Tanks/Dual Bladder $700
Backplate and Harness Link for Basic Harness and Backplate $249
Backup Lights CX2 Link for CX2 Backup Lights $159

These prices are subject to change.

You also need a primary light - they range in price from $500 to $2000.

Updated 24 December 2023